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Altman Air, Inc.


Servicing Miami-Dade County since 1977


Commercial and Residential HVAC Services in Palmetto Bay, FL

Call the local heating and air conditioning experts at Altman Air, Inc. any time you need heating, air conditioning, and/or indoor air quality services in the Palmetto Bay, FL area. We can fine tune your system before the weather gets severe so that it runs smoothly and cleanly. Or we can rush out for a repair if you’re worried that you won’t be able to make it through the night with a broken heater. Trust our team to provide you with indoor air quality services, and you can get relief from your worst allergy and asthma symptoms. Give us a call to learn more about our maintenance, repair, installation, and replacement services.

Qualified Air Conditioning Technicians in Palmetto Bay, FL

An air conditioning system that doesn’t receive service from a qualified technician may not be able to live up to its full potential. It could fail before the end of its average lifespan is up. It might struggle to run efficiently, costing too much each month because the parts are not in top working order. That’s why you should always trust a professional for air conditioning installation and AC repair in Palmetto Bay. And you’ll find some of the finest technicians at Altman Air, Inc. when you need AC service in Palmetto Bay, FL. We also provide our customers with the very finest equipment when it comes to new air conditioner installations and replacements.

We Provide Heater Repair and Preventative Maintenance

Don’t want to have to deal with a sudden heating repair in the middle of the coldest night? Altman Air, Inc. offers after–hours service, of course, but we also want to make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to prevent such major problems in the first place as well. We recommend taking advantage of our maintenance services so that you might never have to worry about it. Maintenance services help to prevent repairs, bringing your heater into peak condition.

Schedule a Gas Furnace Install and Benefit from Other Heating Services

Today, gas furnaces are more efficient and more powerful than they have ever been. They are very safe to own if you keep them maintained, and they can use a low amount of energy and fuel if you have a good programmable thermostat to control the temperature. However, a gas furnace isn’t the only system available for homes in Palmetto Bay, FL. We also install and service heat pumps, ductless heaters, radiant systems, and geothermal systems, all of which can be excellent and efficient choices.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Palmetto Bay, FL

Looking for an indoor air quality system that can do more than just change the temperature? We’ve got a few suggestions. A humidifier helps to combat the dry air, and it can also help you get over an illness even faster. A dehumidifier takes moisture away from the air, which is ideal in the summer, or when mold starts to become a problem. An energy recovery ventilator helps to let some fresh air in, and an air purifier gets rid of harmful particles. Contact our team and find out more about our air quality services in Palmetto Bay, FL.

Geothermal Services from Installation to Maintenance

Whether you’ve heard of geothermal or not, you might want to know what your options are if you’re looking for a new HVAC system. The geothermal system is a type of heat pump that uses the relatively moderate temperature of the earth just below the surface rather than the air outside. Why? Because it remains more or less the same year–round, and that provides the ideal medium to absorb and dissipate heat. The result is an exceptional heating and cooling system that can provide you with great comfort and outstanding energy efficiency.

Commercial HVAC Repairs and Other Services

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is know when to call on an expert. When it comes to the comfort and convenience of your workspace, it’s important to make sure that your commercial heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality systems are in good shape, and ready to take on what your business demands. Altman Air, Inc. works with a wide variety of business owners in Palmetto Bay, and we can take on anything 25 tons or under. Contact a member of our staff today to schedule service.

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Just a quick note to commend the work done by your staff to install a new home a/c for my family. It’s great to have a cold house.

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