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Altman Air, Inc. - Energy Recovery Ventilators

Energy Recovery Ventilators in Miami, FL

Is your home filled with stuffy and stagnant air? Are you having difficulty with high energy bills during the summer and winter when you try to open up the windows for a bit of fresh air? We have many indoor air quality solutions here at Altman Air, Inc., but if you’re struggling with ventilation, then a whole-house energy recovery ventilator may be exactly what you need. These devices offer various benefits, including improved air quality as well as higher energy efficiency.

One of the problems with the modern home is the fact that it’s sealed so tightly against the elements. While that’s a boon to your energy expenditure, it’s a serious loss when it comes to adequate ventilation. Let our indoor air quality experts provide you with a solution. Whether you’re in the market for a new ERV or your existing model needs to be serviced, we can assist you. Contact our team today to get started.

How Do Energy Recovery Ventilators Work?

The basic process behind any energy recovery ventilator is this: to exchange the energy of your stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. As you may know already, your existing HVAC system does not pull fresh air from the outdoors. Instead, it heats and cools the same air flowing already through your indoor space. The purpose of an ERV is to provide you with additional ventilation but without the same loss of energy you might have were you to open a window or door during the summer.

The device is installed within your HVAC system. As your indoor air is exhausted, it goes through a heat exchanger that puts it into contact with incoming outdoor air. During this exchange, heat and humidity are transferred to the outgoing air. Your new air therefore requires much less energy to be brought to the target temperature by your heating and cooling system.

Benefits of Improved Ventilation via ERV

Isn’t fresh air enough? When you consider the serious danger that poor indoor air quality poses to occupants within your home, it’s not hard to see the value of an HVAC upgrade that would improve the air that you and your loved ones breathe every day. But if that weren’t enough, an ERV allows you to do this in the most energy–efficient way possible. That means another benefit of the energy recovery ventilator is the significantly reduced cost of ventilation: your incoming fresh air can be pre–treated as much as 80%.

Call Us for ERV Installation or Service

Don’t wait to start breathing fresh air in the home today, all without breaking the bank. We install high quality ERV systems throughout the Miami, FL area. We can make certain that your system is correctly integrated into your central air unit/furnace or heat pump as a whole. Our technicians are also available to repair or maintain your ERV should it need professional attention for any reason. Contact Altman Air, Inc. today to schedule an appointment.

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