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Altman Air, Inc. - Zone Control Systems

Zone Control Systems and Service in Miami, FL

Central air conditioning and heating helped to improve homes everywhere when it was first introduced. This invention allows us the ability to adjust the settings in the home from a central thermostat and keep temperatures relatively balanced throughout the entire structure. Unfortunately, a central air conditioning and heating system can bring about some disagreements as well. One person in the house may want the home nice and cool, while another feels too cold when the settings dip too close to 70°F.

A zone control system gives you more control over the temperature throughout the entire house, helping you and all of your family members to stay more comfortable. You’ll get thermostats in different rooms of the home, so that if someone isn’t happy with the temperature, they can always just move to another area. Call Altman Air, Inc. to learn more or to schedule zone control system installation or services in Miami, FL.

How Zone Control Works

Zone heating and air conditioning systems work using a system of dampers installed in the ductwork of your HVAC system. When you change the temperature in one room of the home, the dampers will open up to allow more airflow into that area only, or they may close off to limit the air.

In order to install this system, a technician must access your ductwork, usually having to spend hours slicing into the ductwork, putting in the dampers and controls, wiring everything together, and sealing the ductwork back up. It’s a difficult process, and you’ll need someone skilled with the process to perform the work for you.

How You Save Money

A new zone control system can actually help you to save money in a number of ways. For one thing, your family members might not spend so much time constantly adjusting and readjusting the temperature when they want to change it against another family member’s wishes. Turning the system on and off so often can really strain the system and uses a good chunk of energy.

Additionally, zone air conditioning and heating systems help you to save by choosing which areas of the home to increase airflow to, and which areas of the home are less important. If there’s a part of the home you don’t really occupy during the day, you can keep the heat on low while making other rooms warmer.

Our Zone Heating and Cooling Services

We install zone control systems and test them for accuracy again and again before we are through. This process takes a while, but the results are worth it if you have a larger household. We can also provide services for your zone control system should anything come up during its lifespan. The dampers can potentially wear out, or something could go wrong with the control system that connects the dampers to the thermostats. If so, call our team, and we will be happy to take a look. Additionally, you can request that we take a look at your zone control system during a routine maintenance visit.

Call Altman Air, Inc. for zone heating and cooling services in Miami, FL today!

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