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Servicing Miami-Dade County since 1977

Altman Air, Inc. - Furnaces

Furnace Heating Systems and Service in Miami, FL

Furnaces are not exactly devices that are easy to work on. You need years of experience if you want to fix a furnace safely and ensure that it’s running smoothly. Installing a furnace incorrectly could lead to its early demise, and even just an improper tune-up could force the furnace to struggle to run in the upcoming season.

Trust any work on your electric or natural gas furnace to the people at Altman Air, Inc. if you’re in the Miami, FL area. We can install your new gas furnace safely and do the same for electric models. We offer comprehensive maintenance services, and we can diagnose problems quickly, only recommending replacements when they are really necessary. Call us to get honest work on your Miami furnace from a driven company, always working to keep up the highest of standards with our work and committed to providing excellent customer service.

We Install Gas and Electric Furnaces

We install both gas and electric furnaces, either of which can be an excellent choice. However, in general, most homeowners go for gas furnaces if there is a gas connection set up. If you have natural gas service to your home, it’s typically ideal since the cost of gas is so much lower than the cost of electricity.

However, some people only have the ability to install furnaces that run off different fuel sources, like electricity, and this is okay. An electric furnace can still be efficient, although it may cost more to run than a similarly sized natural gas unit. Many people note that electric furnaces can be safer, since you don’t risk carbon monoxide or gas leaks, though modern gas furnaces installed by professionals are very safe as well.

Whatever type of system you get, it must be just the right size for your home, and our technicians are here to make sure you get the right unit. We can also help you to understand energy efficiency ratings. While a less expensive furnace might seem appealing right now, we recommend springing for a more efficient unit if possible, so that you can save money from month to month as well.

Our Furnace Services

We install gas furnaces fit for any home, and we can ensure that they are installed safely and securely. If you feel that an electric furnace is a better choice for your home, we’ll help you to get the level of efficiency that you need. But of course, we do more than just installations.

When your furnace breaks down, give us a call and we can get there ASAP. We recommend that you call us as soon as you can, no matter the issue. Whether the heater has completely broken down, or it’s about 10° too low, no problem is too small to have a technician take a look.

Call Altman Air, Inc. to get friendly service and quality workmanship, or to hear more about our furnace installations and repair and maintenance services available in Miami, FL.

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Thank you for a nice job!

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Best A/C Contractor I've ever seen. Professional, hard-working, transparent on pricing and just a pleasure to deal with. I'm beyond thrilled with these folks.

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Thank you for all your help. For your speedy service, every time we call. We appreciate it!

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